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Welcome Kansas K-12 Teachers!


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Our Mission:

The Kansas Council on Economic Education (KCEE) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

dedicated to equipping Kansas teachers to educate Kansas students in grades K-12

on the foundational subjects of economics and personal finance.

Our Vision:
Through economic and financial literacy education, Kansas students will become

 more knowledgeable consumers,

wiser savers and investors,

more responsible citizens

and better employees.


Our Strategy:

By equipping teachers, KCEE and the Kansas Centers for Economic Education

can more effectively reach a greater number and diversity of students --

producing a positive long-term impact.


Teachers, take advantage of KCEE services:

  • FREE educator workshops and student programs

  • PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIPS towards graduate credit for Kansas educators*

  • FREE Resources, online and curriculum-based, for K-12

  • Materials to fit into virtually any classroom subject area

  • In-service and professional development opportunities

  • Educational and enriching activities for all!

*Partial to full scholarships per credit hour may be given to certified teachers currently under contract with a Kansas K-12 school.  Scholarship amounts may vary by workshop and University.  Teachers apply for a scholarship and



Let KCEE help you integrate economics
and personal finance
into your existing curriculum.


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